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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broken AC's and PC's

Oh sorry for that, followers. If you tried to comment on my previous post, you probably couldn't. My fault. I accidentally did something to the blog settings and I unabled my followers to comment on posts for a minute there.
And my computer all of a sudden shut down yesterday, so I couldn't change the settings. Eh. I thought it was broken at first. Cause like it breaks for every stupid reason, and its really beggining to get frustrating. Well it doesnt really break, but it just shuts down at random times. I like to say it has broken trances. Well cause I often hit the 'off' key with my knee and it shuts down, and when one of the countless programs in it has to restart, so does my computer. It is really annoying.
Anyway, I know I have been complaining an awful lot about coldness due to AC's, but I also hate when they completely break. For example, my AC breaks sooooooooooooooo many times, its not even funny. And we can never tell until we figure out that there must be SOMTHING behind our uncontrolable sweating. We even had to go to one of those really cheap hotels to spend the night once because it was so hot outside and the AC broke. The only good part is that I can take those awsome tiny shampoo bottles home. They are so awsome.
Ugh now please feel free to post because I finally fixed the whole commenting problem.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

And So TTACD Begins

Yay! This is the grand opening of Turn The Air Conditioning Down! Now I finally can actually have a blog instead of just reading my friend's blogs. Oh exitement! Get ready to read a lot of randomeness, my very unimportant-yet-crucial opinions, and the odd events in the life of Bouncing Wolf.
Eh don't you just hate it when places have too much air conditioning? Like movie theaters. I don't know why they have to put the AC's at like 60 degrees. Its like they want to give everyone colds (which by the way always stay in your body once you get them. They haven't found a cure for the common cold yet. Ugh, I know, right? I mean they come up for cures for the flu, chicken pox, pink eye, and all of those complicated deseases but not THE COMMON COLD? I mean you are sitting right now with the common cold, only you can't really tell. Creepy right. Well don't blame me. I always thought Albert Einstein figured out the cure...). Like a week ago I was going to a water park, but it started thundering (the staff was like "thunder is a major hazard in water parks. One in every a thousand people get struck by lighting, and water gives a broad..." blah blah blah.) so I went to the movie theater, cause I have brought a change of clothes. Only I didn't bring shoes, so I went in with flipflops. When I left, my feet were that creepy shade of pale blue.
And the movie (harry potter 6) was very good to. I had seen a couple of times before, but I was with my cousins, and they hadn't seen it, so I was like watever. So even though my feet turned into a pair of popsicles, I enjoyed it.