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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Buckle up for 2010

Oh yes, all of you superstitious people, we are one year closer to "the end of time".

But the important thing is, THE NEW DECADE BEGINS!!!!!!

Yet, before we get all excited for 2010, I think we must take a look back at 2009.

I think we can all agree that 2009 was both a happy and sad year. There was the first African American president (and ol' Bush is not in the big seat anymore). But there was also the Summer of Death, in which a bunch of famous people died. But to wrap it all up, here is a poem by me myself and I.

Au revoir, 2009

What a year that was so fine.

Now here is a long review

For everyone and me and you

Obama is the forty four

MJ’s not alive no more

Small Balloon Boy’s parents lied

“Avada Kadavra!” old Snape cried

Kanye took the microphone

Taylor Swift’s sadness was shown

Sully landed on the Hudson River

The water made the people shiver.

The recession hit real hard

Chris made Rihanna raise her guard

The Swine Flu really gave a scare

Lady Gaga left untouched her hair

But her outfits raised a doubt

Yet her tour became sold out

Black Eyed Peas reunited

And made all of their fans excited

Tiger has too many lovers

His secret he no longer covers

American Idol season ends

Adam Lambert shows his trends

New Moon movie hits the big screen

Jacob Black makes all the girls scream

Susan Boyle earns her fame

Octomom famous became

What a fuss about health care

Foreclosures are now everywhere

To Ted Kennedy a big goodbye

Farrah’s death made people cry

We will not forget MJ’s days

And who can forget Billy Mays

Now step aside 2009

It’s the new decade’s time to shine

So I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and the best for 2010.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hangover, Kanye, and Polyester

^I daresay, the funniest movie I have ever seen.^ I myself found it very funny, but obviously not nearly as much as my family:
Mother and Father struggled to breath as they chocked in interminable roaring laughter. Sister daftly and unproductivle tried to feebly grasp the plot of the film, without much success, and laughed occasionally at random parts of the movie, attempting to decieve us into thinking she understood a fraction of the film.
The movie is worth watching and I recomend it. However, do not be decieved by its NR rating. It should without doubt be rated R.

Anyways, I had an odd dream last night.
I was swimming very fastly in this pool to get to the other side, but it was taking like forever. I didn't know why I was doing it, but I kept swimming and swimming. Then I realized I had a dress on. So I started choking on water because I was so surprized and I stood up. This is when I realized that the pool was only a few inches deep. Suddenly, there were a bunch paparazzi everywhere and Tyra Banks was there. She complemented me on my dress right after I forgot about it, so I began to try to take it off, but it was like stuck to my skin. Then Tyra hands me an Academy Award and announces that I just won the Golden Olympic medal for swimming. After she does that, Kanye West shows up and grabs a microphone which had just appeared in my hand and says: Imma let you finish but Michael Phelps had the best swimming win of all time. Just sayin'.
Then I wake up.

Which brings me to something else I would want to address.
A long time ago, we bought a dog. Dog grew up, and as she did, we eradicated some very frustrating habbits of hers. But one habbit we never got rid of was that she always slept on our beds. But Dog is very languid, and all she does all day is sleep and or lay down, so she used to spend all day in one of the beds. I argued that it was because her bed wasn't comfortable enough, but because it wasn't worth spending money (according to Mother and Father) we didn't. After ages of bribing begging them, they finally did so. Dog finally had a decent bed. There was however, one sin in this act. The bed was 100% polyester.
This got me worried. Isn't everyone complaining about polyester all the time for some reason?
And Karma was watching me as I purchased the polyester bed for my own selfish sleep-needing reasons. And Dog probably thought it was cotton. Shame on me. And I thought to myself: Is it possible that one day Dog will remember how comfortable our beds are?
So fast forward to yesterday night. I lay my head on the pillow, and miraculously, my eyes didn't close. And I am the type who gets knocked out as soon as he lays on the bed. But there was something wrong. It turned and turned the pillow over, I moved over to different places on the bed, but something was wrong. Then I found the culprit. There was dog, laying at my feet.
Oh I see how it is. You are taking my bed, huh? Well two can play that game.
Quickly, I took from the closet the old uncomfortable bed and replaced the new one in the corridor with it. I set my now crancky dog on it, and closed my door.

Oh yes. Sweet justice.

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turn right. Turn left. Recalculating. Turn left. Turn left. Recalculating.

GPS- most obnoxious electrical devices. LEARN TO READ A MAP OR MEMORIZE YOUR ADDRESS, PEOPLE!

I only just noticed my incredible dislike for Global Positioning Systems. You cannot imagine the thousands of times that I have had to go to hotels or resorts or theme parks or WHATEVER and have had to deal with:

Turn left. Turn right. Turn left in ten point eight miles. Turn left in ten point five miles... (ALL-TOO-MUCH-TIME LATER) ...Turn left in zero point one miles. Recalculating. Recalculating.

Now try to imagine having to listem to the horrid unpleasant lyrics of Tik Tok too.

Wake up in the-Turn left. Turn left in- I'm talkin' pedicure on our toes toes- miles. Turn left in ten- Don't stop make it pop DJ blow my speakers... (ALL-TOO-MUCH-TIME LATER) ... With my hands up yeah you caught- Turn left in zero point one miles. No the party don't start till'- Recalculating. Recalc- Tick tick on the clock...

Now imagine that with the whining of my sister and the conversation of the others.

Wake up in the-Turn- I WANT MILK! Turn left in- I'm talkin' pedicure- And so the doctor tells- miles. Turn- I didn't belive him but- Don't stop make it- I WANT DORA!... (ALL-TOO-MUCH-TIME LATER) ... With my hands up- and the guy- Turn left in zero point- I NEED- the party don't start till'- Recalculating. Recalc- Tick tick on the clock...

So that went on for hours. Needless to say I got a headache.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's elementary, my dear Watson.

^he never really says that, you know.^

So I saw the Sherlock Holmes movie. It was really good. Although it was nothing that blew my mind away, it is still well worth watching. And it is better if you see it in theaters; its one of those movies that is probably three times better in the big screen than on your television. It did not exceed my expectations, but it is not like I was disapointed. What really made the movie good was Robert Downey Jr's acting.

So anyways, the Golden Globe nominations are in. It doesn't seem as if though this year's ceremony will be as good as last year's; or maybe its just me being skeptic about the nominations.

OHMAIGOSH! Voldemort is a Half-Blood! I knew this ages ago, but it only struck me now that this is ironic. I thought, before later books, that he would surely be a pure blood because of his intentions on other people. Which means most of the Death Eaters don't know this, for they would probably hide this from him. It would only be ironic-er is he was a Muggle born. Mudblood Voldie... ehhh that doesn't seem right.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Everybody Loves Random Dog and Hogwarts

So picture this: 1 AM in the morning, Christmas Day. Our guests are leaving from our Christmas Eve party, and then this random dog just shows up. And its really cute yet big yet really tame. And it is obviously lost, because it has a collar (but no tag), and it was groomed and bathed. We were like ugh. Its not as if we were going to let it roam outside in the street, so we let it in our backyard. Its not like we were particularly thrilled to have another dog to take care of, on Christmas. But everyone fell in love with it and no one wanted to leave it outside. During the night, it broke out screen. But not on purpose, of course, it was just nervous because it was lost.
We had not clue on whose it was, but since we felt bad, we began looking for the owners at like 9 AM. We intergotated like tons of neighboors and like stalked a bunch of cars to ask the people if they knew who the dog belonged to (it was Christmas morning. not that many people are outside) We found the owners after one hour only. Ya. Bam. Be jealous. Only Inspector Wolfie here can accomplish that. They were really unlucky. The dog escaped on Christmas on the one day that they took his tag off to repair it.
Anyways, I got the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game for Christmas. I am addicted. BECAUSE ITS AWSEOME! The gameplay PWNS, and it had a bunch of cool features like making potions and dueling, but what really makes it awsome is Hogwarts. Its huge and really complete. It has every staircase, room, corridor, courtyard, bridge, commonroom, and outside thing that was in the books, movies, and they even added more stuff to make it even bigger and better. I got lost. And I don't easily get lost in Hogwarts. So that's to show you how big it is. And its really accurate.
Well I hope you had a Merry Christams!



Bonjour! It's like 1:00 AM on Christmas Day, and I am not tired! It was really fun yesterday (though it is still going on). How was your Christmas/Holiday? I can't wait to wake up today and try on my new rollerskates.
Winter break is too awesome.
I got this new iPod speaker system, and we were listening to Bad Romance at like the highest possible level. AND NO WE DONT CARE IF YOU CAN'T SLEEP, NEIGHBORS! I have this huge pile of clothes in my bed now. Which is wierd. Ten years ago it was a pile of a bunch of toys that I would never use in the years to come.
It doesn't seem like the people are going to leave anytime soon, so we might watch a Harry Potter movie. We don't care if its 1:00 AM.
We are going to edit our cheesy and crudely made fiften minute horror film. Its really lame, but we don't care. It's about how I died because I didn't forward this message.
Ya I got to go take an Advil because Bad Romance is still on at the highest level on the speaker system and is still on replay.

Merry Christmas for all of you out there who celebrate it.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How about we text some radio station all night?

^how about we not?^


You all know Lady Gaga? Well she is having this New Year's Eve concert thing. And yesterday this radio station was giving out free tickets to the 100th texter. And I was listening to *insert radio station here* and people were calling in saying how they were gonna text for the tickets all night. I mean, come on! It's nothing against Lady Gaga, but seriously? All night? Is that really necessary? I mean who ever wins those things anyways? It's like the lottery. Except, of course, you have more chance. But still. And it's not like Lady Gaga is going to stop doing concerts all out of the blue. She isn't going to stop comming out with somewhat gross songs and wierd costumes, trust me. And don't get me wrong, it's nothing against her, I love her music too, but I'm just saying...

Anyways, lately, a lot of my friends have been saying to me that they were so sad and that their heart was broken and that BLAHBLAHBLAH! Seriously, I can't stand people who are exageratedly sad for stupid reasons. If your heart was really broken, you would be dead, so shut up! It really annoys me because they actually think it is a big deal and it's not an I-want-attention-so-look-at-me thing. Cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it!

So most of you people visit Wikipedia more than any other site, according to the poll. I use it alot, too, but I use Google more. Wikipedia can be frustrating because it has too many links. I'll go from researching Lady Gaga to researching forks.

Anyways, I'll probably post tomorrow (Christmas Eve) night, and/or Christmas Day. Until then, au revoir!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie Monday returns!

You all remember Movie Monday, right? The highly popular TTACD segment? No? Well thats because it never happened. Until today.
I highly concidered doing it for the first post, but then I decided not to, and then kept leaning myselft towards not doing it. But since I have nothing else to post about, I decided in doing in now.

Lets take a sneak preview of 2010 in film:

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the Lightning Thief- February 12
The Wolfman (the adaptation of some old film)- February 12
Alice in Wonderland (directed by Tim Burton)- March 5
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (I know. Of all the books to make a movie of....)- April 2
Iron Man 2- May 7
Shrek Forever After- May 21
Toy Story 3- June 18
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse- June 30
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I- November 19
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader- December 10

Sorry for the time lapse from June to November; I only picked out titles that were familiar/interesting looking. There probably are other good/worth seeing movies, but I didn't want to make the list too long.
By the way, I'm really excited for Toy Story 3. Toy Story is the best Disney Pixar movie ever. I am confuzed on why any director would even consider doing a movie on Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The fourth Shrek movie is going to be the last one :( Of course, I am most excited for the Deathly Hallows.
So basically, this is a list of movies that I would watch in 2010.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Insert money through slot in swine.

I really want it to get colder. It is really hot here in *insert location*! Well not reallly hot, its just too hot for winter. I WANT COLD!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! The atmosphere is very holiday-y. And 2010 is comming up, which is exciting. I hear people in school saying: Oh no, 2012 is a year closer. People, the world won't end in 2012! Take a chill pill. It's so superstious. I don't believe in that mumbo-jumbo. Which is wierd because I belive in karma and in all those things that cause bad luck.

Anyways, I was thinking piggy banks are the wickedest objects. I mean you put your money in a pig. How originally awesome is that? I have this cool Bahamas one that has a beach with a bunch of palm trees in it and stuff. Its really cool. I never use it, but still, sometimes I'll out a dime or something in there just for the heck of it.
And speaking of pigs, the whole swineflu/h1n1 virus isn't so talked about anymore. People have calmed down from the neat-freakishness that the whole swine flu thing caused them to develope.

I've got to go. Destiny calls. Till we meet again (or till I next post), au revoir.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your entertainment, provided by the Grinch

I have a trick for getting rid of itches. Wherever it itches, slap it. As tremendoulsy absurd as it sounds, it works. The pain gets in the way of the itch, and it creates a very reliefing sensation; the pain doesnt feel like pain, so its a good trick. Or you can put the water in the shower to its hottest point and put the insect bite/source of itch right into the water. But sometimes you get burnt... But it works well too. I prefer the first method though, though it might seem kinda emo...

I was looking at the iTunes charts, and at #29 was the song 'In My Head' by Jason Derulo, but it had a picture of Beyonce, and on #30 was 'Sweet Dreams' by Beyonce with a picture of some rapper. Then I noticed that over the song entitled 'Christams Carol' was a picture of a shirtless Flo-rida. Then, there was song 'The Chanukah Song' by Adam Sandler (I know, bizzare...) was a picture of a woman that looked like she belong in the sixties.... Over the song 'For Your Entertainment' by Adam Lambert was a picture of the Grinch.

I know, odd.


Monday, December 14, 2009

You would not believe your eyes, as ten million clementines...

^... rolled in the courtyard as I sat down in the bench. No seriously, its happened to me before^

BONJOUR MES PETIT THEIERES! (I just called you all my little teapots, btw)
Its been soo long since I've last posted> ELLEN DEGENERES WON THE WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE POLL!

AND NOW, I have a special segment I like to call *WHATS THAT PERSON'S REAL NAME?!*

Lady Gaga - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Jay-Z - Shawn Corey Carter
Fergie - Stacy Ann Ferguson
Pink - Alecia Beth Moore
Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jeane Mortenson
Katy Perry - Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
David Copperfield - David Seth Kotki

Anyways, I just watched J.K. Rowling: A Year in the Life
It was really good. She cried a lot, though. She was really poor before she wrote the books. She said she lived next to a graveyard as a child, and that she thought her entire childhood was wasted because of her poverty. She said Harry Potter was a a way to get her childhood back.
Tear jerking, I know. :')

Its almost Christmas. Yay! And Happy Hanukkah, btw!

And I was watching the HBP bonus features, and Daniel Radcliffe was asked if he prefered chocolate or strawberry ice cream. His responce was: chocolate, of course! I'm not stupid!
Since when has food reference been linked to intelligence?

Anyways, I'm doing this project for World History, and I'm in charge of researching stuff about oracles and Delphi.
An oracle is like a Greek temple, and Delphi is a Greek city. It turns out that at the Delphic oracle the preistess would die after prophecies were given. I wonder how many lives were spared...

Who else is a Law & Order fan? Everyone talks about NCSI or NCIS or watever, but I prefer Law & Order.

I can't wait for the holidays. Until we meet again, farewell.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Distruct Button ----> O <----- Dont Press It

Anywho, I was thinking of the most pointless things.

1. Self Distruct Button
2. Solar Powered Flashlight
3. Black Highlighter
4. Inflatable Dart Board
5. Super Glue Post-it Notes
6. Motorcycle Radio
7. Ball Point Needle
8. Fire Proof Matches
9. Fat Free Butter
10. Leak Proof Sponge


I've got the teapot song stuck in my head. You know:

~I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, hear me shout. Tip me over and pour me out.~

It is soooooooooooo catchy and it wouldnt get out of my head. Anyways, destiny calls. As they say in Finland, hyvästi!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have a story.

There was once a boy who only told lies. He lied about his name, he lied about his grades, he lied to his friends, he lied to his parents. He lied to his mailman, he lied to his teacher. He lied to plants, he lied to animals, he lied to living things, he lied to inanimate objects. This boy lived in a Village named Teapot Ville, although he lied and said he lived in Teaspoon Ville. Everyone in his village had alergies to sharks, and even though he too was alergic, he lied and said he wasnt. One day, the lying little boy walked to the village center to go get ice cream, even though he lied and said he was going to the dentist. At the center, he saw the mayor saying he would give anyone who wasn't alergic to sharks and that could tame them an award. The boy lied and said he wasn't alergic and that he could tame sharks. The boy recieved a thousand dollars, and spent it all on ice cream, even though he lied and said he gave it all to charity. Ten years later, the boy was about to graduate from High School because he had lied to all his teachers and lied about studying while he really wrote the answers in his sleeve. The boy then recieved a call from the mayor telling him that the village had a shark problem in the city beach and that they needed a shark tamer to tame the sharks. The little lying boy was forced to walk all the way to the end of the dock so he could perform his shark taming. The boy walked to the end of the dock and tripped, fell into the water, and devoured by sharks. Moral of the story- always tie your shoelaces.

The world is confuzing. I need you to help me understant a couple of these things. I read them after I types in 'paradox' in Wikipedia, and they all confuse me.

1."If this sentence is true, then the world will end in one week."

2."This sentence is false."

3. "If there is an exception to every rule, then every rule must have at least one exception; the exception to this one being that it has no exception."

4. "If a crocodile steals a child and promises its return if the father can correctly guess what the crocodile will do, how should the crocodile respond in the case that the father guesses that the child will not be returned?"

None of them make sense.

And the most confuzing of them all. This is called the Monty Hall Problem:
Suppose you're on a game show and you're given the choice of three doors. Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. The car and the goats were placed randomly behind the doors before the show. The rules of the game show are as follows: After you have chosen a door, the door remains closed for the time being. The game show host, Monty Hall, who knows what is behind the doors, now has to open one of the two remaining doors, and the door he opens must have a goat behind it. If both remaining doors have goats behind them, he chooses one randomly. After Monty Hall opens a door with a goat, he will ask you to decide whether you want to stay with your first choice or to switch to the last remaining door. Imagine that you chose Door 1 and the host opens Door 3, which has a goat. He then asks you "Do you want to switch to Door Number 2?" Is it to your advantage to change your choice?

This will be TTACD Rip-your-hair-off-hard Question. I know the answer. I bet none of you can get it right. If you can get this right and explain, I will award you a TTACD Award.

Anyway, I am giving a review of Up next week.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by Bouncing Wolf

The amazing ability of the Harry Potter world to charm those who witness it is beyond any magic featured in the series. Watching the trio wander around in the walls of Hogwarts is like putting on a familiar magical cloak, that though not invisible, gives one the feeling of comfort. Perhaps it is because as I grew up listening to Britney Spears and Black Eyed Peas music, watching Law and Order late at night, and watching SpongeBob I also grew up watching Harry Potter. What it was that fascinated me so much as to lure to read the books, I don't know. But as we watched Harry get his scar, get bitten by the Basilisk, travel back in time, witness the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and struggle in agony as he read the mind of the Dark Lord, we not only witnessed these exciting events but we also watched the progression of some acting that before may not have been so talented but now has one heck of a value.

We watched Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and the other fellow younger actors of the Harry Potter series develop their acting skills. We watched the older actors, Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Magy Smith, Gary Oldman, Robbie Coltrane, and the other middle aged cast sink more and more into their roles. And of course, we need not exclude the minor yet extremely important roles, like my preference, Bellatrix Lestrange, beautifully portrayed in the Order of the Phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince by Helena Bonham Carter. There was Quirrel from the Sorcerers Stone. We all remember Dobby and Lockheart from the Chamber of Secrets, Lupin and Wormtail from the Prisoner of Askaban, Alastor Moody from the Goblet of Fire, and another one of my favorites, Professor Umbridge. It is how Harry Potter can uniquely combine these actors and characters and plot and settings and make one big fantastic cinematic world that breath-takingly illustrates the even more fantastic world that J.K. Rowling created.
Yet this is not a review of the Sorcerer's Stone, nor the Chamber of Secrets, nor the Prisoner of Askaban, Goblet of Fire, nor Order of the Phoenix. It is a review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The movie opens with a dramatic scene following where the Order of the Phoenix left off. Dumbledore wraps a protective arm around a paparazzi surrounded Harry Potter, as we witness a close up to the glasses of the sad looking Harry. This is when I knew David Yates had knocked this one out the park. Next comes a promising scene of Death Eaters wreaking havoc in London with flabbergasting special effects. This movie, from the very beginning, has a mysterious ambiance that captures the more darker theme of the movie throughout the full two hours. The superstar group of this movie is no longer the Harry Ron and Hermione trio, but the Harry and Dumbledore duo. The film captures the flourishing relationship of Harry and Dumbledore from teacher and student to friend and friend. This, however, does not remove the limelight from the classic trio, who also take a big part in the film. Daniel Radcliffe progresses immensely in his acting skills that where once appropriate for a middle school play and now grew to a very professional actor. His impeccable timing is key as he brilliantly captures the essence of comedy and mixes it is the seriousness and excitement of the movie. Rupert Grint made the most improvement in the now chick magnet Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson professionally manages to capture her role as a more mature and less nerdy Hermione. Tom Felton also succeeds at playing a Draco Malfoy that is more involved in the central plot than ever before.

In the latest chapter of the franchise, the Wizarding and Muggle worlds both face danger like no other as Lord Voldemort quickly rises up to power. Harry and his classmates at Hogwarts also take the challenge of surviving adolescence as hormones rage across ramparts. Draco Malfoy receives a grim task from the Dark Lord, Snape is revealed to be a Death Eater, and Harry receives help from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince. He receives private lessons with Professor Dumbledore in which they explore Voldemort's past in look for his weakness. This instalment is also definitely the funniest of them all. Newcomer Professor Slughorn aids this more humorous movie and Jim Broadbent offers the best performance of the film. In the end, a tear jerking climax, a flabbergasting battle and a cliffhanger ending leaves you not only satisfied, but hungry for the next installment.
We have gone from the magical Sorcerer's Stone, the mysterious Chamber of Secrets, the shocking Prisoner of Azkaban, the exciting Goblet of Fire, the dramatic Order of the Phoenix, and have gone all the way to the thrilling Half-Blood Prince. We can only guess as to what awaits us next.
This movie is a success. Funny, romantic, exciting, suspenseful, and terrific. It could not be any more clear to me that David Yates NAILED this movie; and that it is the best installment of the series so far. I am once again reminded of why J.K. Rowling is now a millionaire, and how marvelously she managed to create a magical world that pulls readers and viewers in, an effect movie producers cannot buy.
And I am reminded that I have been wearing the magical cloak all this time, a cloak that is permanent, and whose magic never wears off. I am reminded that this is the SIXTH movie, and that it is a billion dollar franchise; and mostly, I am reminded of WHY it is a billion dollar franchise.

I am left counting the days to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and with a simple message for David Yates: Blow me away.

And no doubt, he will.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince vs. New Moon

Just like Arnold Shwartzinager vs. Paris Hilton, huh?

There pends the question in mind. Fantasy vs. Romance.... hmmm.... which one. Well put it like this. Comedy/fantasy vs. Romance. hmmmm... Not good enough for you? Lets see.... Comedy/Fantasy/critically acclaimed vs. Romance/Critically Panned. Not good enough? Gosh its hard to believe what a couple of shirtless actors can do to some of you ladies out there....

If critics don't quite make up your mind, perhaps the word of general everyday people can. If not, then take the word of professional wolf bouncer Bouncing Wolf.
My summaries of both movies(that is, if one of them doesn't qualify as male model documentary)

New Moon: At her birthday party, Bella Swan gets a paper cut. Add insult to injury, Bella is attacked by Jasper Cullen. Because of the terrible tragedy involving this almost fatal and tear jerking insident, Edward Cullen ends his relationship with Bella. Due to this intensly tragic break up, Bella becomes depressed for several months due to her inability to move on in life. The desperate straits that an obsessed teenage will go to to catch a glimpse of her ex vampire boyfriend are demonstrated as Bella becomes what I describe as suicidal, comiting dangerous acts such as jumping off cliffs. Not to leave out that professional shirt-taker-offer Jacob Black comes in the picture, to make a Vampire vs. Werewolf escence. Through a series of miscommunications, Edward believes Bella killed herself, he tries to kill himself by exposing himself shirtless in a vampire government fascility: a mix between a Romeo and Juliet climax cliche and a messed up deodorant comercial. In the course of this plot line, Edward asks Bella to marry him and- The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Directed by Chris Weitz, Produced by Mark Morgan... *credits continue*

Half-Blood Prince: Death Eaters wreak havoc in London as both the Wizarding and Muggle communities become less safe due to the sudden and unexpected rise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Back at the failed romantic encounter between a boy with a lighting shaped scar and a bubbly waitress, Professor Dumbledoor recruits Harry Potter for a task. In a mix between a wicked Star Trek teleportation and the effect of time travel demonstrated in Deja Vu, the pair arrive at the house of Horace Slughorn, who after due negotiation, agrees to return to Hogwarts as a teacher. Draco Malfoy recieves a mission from the Dark Lord, though apprehensive Mrs. Malfoy seeks help from aways-known-bad-guy-but-no-proof-until-now Severus Snape, who is revealed to be a Death Eater. Once back at the familiar castle, the Harry Ron and Hermione trio embark in a boat like no other: S.S. Teen Drama. Hormones rage across ramparts as newcomer Lavander Brown comes in the picture and Ron finally gets a girlfriend and both engage in the act of 'snogging', an appropriate sounding word that accurately discribes the more vulgar version of kissing that these British teens do. Also, Harry recieves help from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince via the Prince's textbook, which also contains many dangerous spells, one of which causes an insident involving a whiny blonde and Snape. In the midst of this drama, Harry takes classes with Professor Dumbledoor in the quest to find the key to Voldemort's past. To do this, Harry must persuade Slughorn to give in a memory. An ashamed Slughorn finally gives in. After witnessing the heart stopping memory, Harry and Dumbledore go on a mission to retrieve a 'horcrux', a piece of Voldys soul trapped in an object and one of seven others that must be destroyed in order for Voldy to die, in a seaside cave. They encounter a crowd of semi-dead bodies in a scene that brings back flashbacks f Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. After a long battle, they retrive the horcrux and head back to Hogwarts, were Dumbledore is killed in a shocker scene by Snape. After a short battle which reveals the identity of the Prince, Snape, the Potter trio head to the astronomy tower in the final scene that reveals a counterfeit horcrux. The trio agrees upon not comming back to Hogwarts next year in order to complete the task Dumbledore startes- destroying the horcruxes.

Now, you choose. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince vs. New Moon. If you choose the second choice, I am honeslty stunned at how easily a shirtless guy can desieve you.


Sunday, December 6, 2009


^and it has an acorn. be jealous.^

RANDOM AND SUDDEN ANNOUNCEMENT: The Best Foreign Blog Post Award Goes to...
"Dreams are like rainbows, only idiots chase them." posted by Hikari of Sporks Are Useless on July 20, 2009. Congrats, Hikari/Sporks Are Useless team!!! The link for the post is at the end of this post. Here is your award.

The Grammy Award Nominees are finally in!!!! Yay!!!!! With the most nominations are-
1. Beyonce - 10
2. Taylor Swift - 8 (can the world get any crazier?)
3. Black Eyed Peas, Maxwell, Kanye West, Jay-Z - 6
4. Lady Gaga, David Guetta - 5
Awsomeness (besides the fact that a certain teenage girl whom I personally disike had the second most nominations)!!! The only thing better than the Grammys are the Oscars.

Anyhow, my new favorite animal is the manatee. Its so incredibly vegetarian. And its like a cow of the sea, except its more like an elephant. It eats seaweed too. It is this kind of knowledge which you will actually have to apply in life. Allow me to explain.
I was at this beach resort thing and we were at the beach one day and there were a bunch of tiny fish jumping about like in the really shallow part where the water is only like an inch deep. So then I saw this kid reaching out and grabbing a bunch of fish and putting them in his water bottle. The next day I went to the manatee harbor and then the same kid came in. He had the same water bottle with the same fishes (except, of course, they were dead and rotting) and then he pours them in the water and he is like "Daddy, daddy! I am giving the manatee food!" Too bad the kid didn't know manatees are vegetarians. It was a perfect waste of perfectly usable rotting dead fish (what? we are in a ressetion, aren't we? isnt it all about saving money? sorry! I'm just going with the flow)
OHMAYGOSH ITS POLL RESULTS!! *angel music* Soooooo the results for the Offical *insert here*s of TTACD are here, and the results are...
Official Mascot- Snowflake. winning by two votes
Official City- New York, winning by one vote
Official Color- Turquoise, winning by two votes
Official Store- Macy's, winning by one two votes
Official Accent- Scotish, winning by one vote.
Anyways, here is the link for Hikari's post:


Friday, December 4, 2009

And Then There Was Sun

Its the Month of Celebrating at TTACD! Well here is a surprize that is: amazing, beautiful, celebrational, delightfull, excellent, fabulous, glamorous, haunting, incredible, joyful, kangaroo, learningy, marvelous, nervous, opera-like, perilous, quotatious, reckless, surprizing, televisional, universal, votable, wonderful, xylophone, yellow, and zebra. I give to Flossing Sunshine the TTACD Best Follower Award, mostly because she is the only one. Here you have it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Its OMG week! YAY! So well I've had my dose of confusion, and I will now tell you what happened.
First, I watched this wicked awsome movie called THE BOX . "Huh?", you say? Wolfie shall summarize. It came out like a month ago. How do you not know what it is? Anyways, its about this couple who is broke and recieve a box with a button in it. The stranger who mailed them the box says that if they press the button, two things will happen. First, they will recieve $1,000,000. Second, someone anywhere in the world whom they don't know will die. At first, they are like no that would be terrible. But then the wife presses it because she thinks they need the money. The stranger then comes the next day, gives them the million dollars, and before he leaves, he tells them that whoever recieves the box next will surely not know them. *suspence music*. Ya the other movie I wastched was- well I'll tell you hoq I came to watch it first. We ordered it, and it was family movie night, so naturally I didn't have a choice, I had to see it. I didn't want to see it because it was a politics movie, and from the many politics movies I have been forced to watch, I never liked any of them. Its called FROST/NIXON, and they were all like omg it was nominated for best movie wow sparks will fly angels will sing annoying morning show hosts will resign and all the rest will happen if you watch it. So I did. And amazingly, I ACTUALLY enjoyed it. And Richard Nixon was played by the same guy who played the stranger in THE BOX, this guy named Frank. I think his last name is Lagella or something.
Anyhow I'm doing this project on Isaac Newton, and I am going mad. This guy did way to many things for a lifetime. All of the websites have articles that take like and hour to read, and the books are all not in chronological order. GRR.
Anyhow, vote for me, for I am running for possible next Sporks Are Useless member.
People vote for the offial TTACD things. And I have decided on the month names.
January- Month of Sleeping
February- Month of Eating
March- Month of Marching
April- Month of Talking
May- Month of Confusing
June- Month of Relaxing
July- Month of Traveling
August- Month of Buying
September- Month of Yelling
October- Month of Scaring
November- Month of Thanking
December- Month of Celebrating
Until my next post, as they say in Finland, hyvästi!
- Wolfie

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You and I must make a pact.

We must bring salvation back. Were there is love, I'll be there.
Lol sorry Im in an MJ mood.
Happy Late Turkey Day! Hope you people had a good, overly-high-air-conditioning-free Thanksgiving.
So Black Friday was yesterday, and there were people nearly murdering themselves for 75% off label makers. The mall was packed. It was as if though it was Obama's inaguration or something...
Well November, the month of turkey, orange leaves, and pillgrims is almost over, and the month of holidays, days off, reindeer, and candles is almost here.
Oprah is ending her show in like 2011! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There wont be more people to interview Lady Gaga and Betty Crocker and John McCain and Stephany Meyer anymore!
2012 was terrible, it had no plot, and was scientifically inaccurate. Old Dogs was beyond terrible. A Christmas Carol was okay, and I still need to watch New Moon and the Blind Side. Paranormal Activity I need to see, too. My friend watched it and said it was really scary.
So big anouncement:
Im gonna put multiple polls out for the officiall TTACD things, so vote.
So Im gonna put the new polls up, so until my next post: live long and prosper.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cough Cough! Weeze...

Ya I got a cold. Too much AC I tell you.... Well sorry I missed Storytimetime day. But I still have a story...
I was at **this information has been excluded due to its confidentiality** the other day. I finally got a vacation. So me and my family were in the living room watching Star Trek (nerd power) when suddenly the light goes out. And then we see this flickering light by the door. And its the only light, and we are all silent staring at the light attempting not to panic. It was hilarious. It was silent for like a minute then I was like "Im sorry but this is creepy" then we all started to yell. It turns out that the light was a reflection on a mirrow next to the door of my aunts cellfone which was on silent and someone was calling her. That whole weekend the power was out. We had to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, bathe, and read in darkness... And when the light came back on we realized that we had each slept in the wrong rooms. Eh.
So ya Wolfie is sick. Be jealous. I havent watched New Moon yet, I will soon though, and Im also gonna watch The Blind Side.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


^title shall be explained^
First, I shall now declare that from now on, every thurday is Storytimetime Day at TTACD.
The other day I was at school in the courtyard and this guy started throwing himself into bushes. And he kept doing it and everyone was like ugh. So I was like when is he going to get in trouble. SO then this girl got way too annoyed and went up to him and threw her water bottle at him (not the entire bottle though only the water in it, which was only a bit) and then finally the security guy walks up to them and everyone was like YAY!!! But then the security guy started yelling at the water girl and not the bush guy. The world is grr.
I was asked by FlossingSunshine to point out 10 Scary things about me. So here it is, Sunshine:
1. Tape makes me dizzy.
2. Towels must be puffy for me to use them.
3. At certain times, I count the dots in classroom ceilings when Im bored.
4. Candy. Shiny. Snow.
5. Dandilions scare me.
6. When Im bored, I watch soap operas.
7. On certain days I sneeze with my mouth closed to avoid attention.
8. For some reason, I have a habbit of tying knots on grass.
9. I have an obsession over the word moo and manatees.
10.Everyone must sneeze at the same time for me start hiccuping.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wolfie is back, MJ madness, and NEW MOON WEEK!!!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! MY PC IS FINALLY FIXED!!! Nah just kidding but soon it will. Sorry for not having posted in a long time, but PC problems make it hard to. SOOOO much to say, so little energy to type it... Well i shant. Too tired. Anyways, I saw the Michael Jackson movie the other day. It was wicked awsome. Anne are you okay, are you okay, are you okay anne? Thats stuck in my head now. AND NEW MOON IS COMMING OUT IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see it. Ya. Save the gasp moment. No exagerated and overly dramatic pause, please. In my oppinion Twlight is quite interesting. Well at least 1 out of four of the books are. And that one is the moon which is not old. Genius work of art. And HBP dvd is comming out soon, (December 8) and Star Trek dvd already came out. Nerd power.
Sooo to wrap it up
Comming up in TTACD:
New poll (finally)
New Moon review
Another poll
New Feautures
Due to the movie comming out this week, the Most Memorable Person of the Week goes to Edward Cullen.
And due to Star Trek dvd release, the quote of the week is: Live long and prosper.
Dont expect to hear from me soon :(

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broken AC's and PC's

Oh sorry for that, followers. If you tried to comment on my previous post, you probably couldn't. My fault. I accidentally did something to the blog settings and I unabled my followers to comment on posts for a minute there.
And my computer all of a sudden shut down yesterday, so I couldn't change the settings. Eh. I thought it was broken at first. Cause like it breaks for every stupid reason, and its really beggining to get frustrating. Well it doesnt really break, but it just shuts down at random times. I like to say it has broken trances. Well cause I often hit the 'off' key with my knee and it shuts down, and when one of the countless programs in it has to restart, so does my computer. It is really annoying.
Anyway, I know I have been complaining an awful lot about coldness due to AC's, but I also hate when they completely break. For example, my AC breaks sooooooooooooooo many times, its not even funny. And we can never tell until we figure out that there must be SOMTHING behind our uncontrolable sweating. We even had to go to one of those really cheap hotels to spend the night once because it was so hot outside and the AC broke. The only good part is that I can take those awsome tiny shampoo bottles home. They are so awsome.
Ugh now please feel free to post because I finally fixed the whole commenting problem.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

And So TTACD Begins

Yay! This is the grand opening of Turn The Air Conditioning Down! Now I finally can actually have a blog instead of just reading my friend's blogs. Oh exitement! Get ready to read a lot of randomeness, my very unimportant-yet-crucial opinions, and the odd events in the life of Bouncing Wolf.
Eh don't you just hate it when places have too much air conditioning? Like movie theaters. I don't know why they have to put the AC's at like 60 degrees. Its like they want to give everyone colds (which by the way always stay in your body once you get them. They haven't found a cure for the common cold yet. Ugh, I know, right? I mean they come up for cures for the flu, chicken pox, pink eye, and all of those complicated deseases but not THE COMMON COLD? I mean you are sitting right now with the common cold, only you can't really tell. Creepy right. Well don't blame me. I always thought Albert Einstein figured out the cure...). Like a week ago I was going to a water park, but it started thundering (the staff was like "thunder is a major hazard in water parks. One in every a thousand people get struck by lighting, and water gives a broad..." blah blah blah.) so I went to the movie theater, cause I have brought a change of clothes. Only I didn't bring shoes, so I went in with flipflops. When I left, my feet were that creepy shade of pale blue.
And the movie (harry potter 6) was very good to. I had seen a couple of times before, but I was with my cousins, and they hadn't seen it, so I was like watever. So even though my feet turned into a pair of popsicles, I enjoyed it.