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Friday, April 9, 2010

Roman Polanski and Water Bottles

So I finished reading my book today, its called The Ghost.
It's about this ghost writer.
Ooh la la you don't know what that means?
I'll explain.
Oh you do. I'll tell you anyways.
Its someone who gets hired by somewone who wants to write a book to write it for them, but the other person is the one who gets the most credit.
So in my book, this ex-prime minister of England hires this ghost writer to assist him with his memoirs (OMAIGOSH I DON'T WANT THIS TO DISTRACT YOU SO I'M WRITING IT IN PARENTHESIS. MEMOIRS IS PRONOUNCED MEM-WARS,) so the guy accepts. But the 'ghost' he learns that his predecesor died mysteriously and that his client is being charged with war crimes, and is in refuge in another country.
I read this book because it was made into a movie.
Then I found out the movie was directed by Roman Polanski.
Which is ironic because he is directing a movie about a guy who is running from a country because he is being charged with crime in another country... is it just me or did Roman Polanski just direct a movie about himself?

So today, I was in class. And in this class, I sit in the farthest seat from the door. So, naturally, I am usually the last one to leave. So just as about the bell was going to ring, I began slyly moving to empty seats closer to the door, one by one. I was really careful so the teacher wouldn't notice. And then, of course,


My damn water bottle fell on the floor with the loudest BAM you can ever imagine, and it didn't stop there. It just kept skipping on, with smaller but still loud BAMS.

So close, so close...


Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweety, I'm home!

Allow me to refrase that!
I'm Snape, the potions master.
My faithful followers, I'm back from vacation!

Yes, you did not misread that, nor did I commit the terrible crime of typos. I, indeed, actually went on vacation!!!!!!!!! On an actual plane!!!!

Where did I go?
Well if I told you, the cyberstalkers would gain more info on moi, so I ain't tellin'.

Throughout my perilous journey to relax I gathered many things to post about. But so I don't make a huge post, I will only post about my tale of airplanes.

During my trip, I:
a) Remembered how horrid airplane food is.
b) Remembered how un-claustrophobic-friendly airplane lavatories are.
c) Forgot that you should not have a cup of water in front of you when an airplane is taking off.