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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flo vs. The Geico Gecko/The Money You Could Be Saving With Geico/The Caveman

I just love car insurence commercials. Well, actually, I just love Geico and Progressive Commercials.
My question for you is,
What do you prefer: Progressive of Geico Commericals?

To me, no commecial beats Flo.

But of course, nothing beats this one:

Especially since yesterday my mom bought my dad a European shoulder bag. Except I don't think it was European... It's probably another Made in China thing. So, in other words, my mom bought my dad an Asian shoulder bag yesterday.
So remember, kids, if you want a carier in the European  Asian shoulder bag business, you better start learning Chinese.
I once bought a USA flag, and it said made in China. Ironic.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ping Pong and Floss Her

If that makes any sense.
I know it doesn't, just play a long for a moment, will you?

So I must applaud (did I spell that wrong?) all of my faithful fans who pushed me out of my "should I stop blogging"atmosphere. I would like to give a huge THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH to Sharkie who finally became an official follower.
Oh my. Eight followers already!
Guys I am so disappointed. Were are my 19 followers? How are we supposed to beat Sporks Are Useless at this rate?
Oh I'm just kidding. (Actually I think I am forced to say that in order to avoid conflicts with Blogger and or ethnical debates)
You guys are the best. When we get to ten I am going to make the best ten follower blog bash ever! And before that I'm going to have to figure out how to do so.

So today I set our goal. We need to get 10 followers ASAP. That can be our number one goal. After having more followers than Sporks Are Useless.

I would now like to show you a list.

Ten Things You Wish You Never Knew About BouncingWolf
1. I follow Desperate Housewives.
2. I don't stalk them, don't worry.
3. I meant that I watch the show episode for episode.
4. Seriously I would not stalk fake housewives that are desperate...
5. I don't stalk real people either.
6. Oh my I am not very concentrated.
7. Try touching all of your teeth with your tongue at the same time.
8. You couldn't do it, could you?
9. You know gullable isn't in the dictionary, right?
10. I hope you fell for that.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop tah-tah-talkin that blah, blah, blah

I'm sorry but that song is just not good. At. All.
Well, in my opinion, that is. Which, here at BTDT, is the only one that matters.
No I'm just kidding.
Or am I?

So I'm listening to my iPod (III can make your bedrock! That song is soo good...) so I am kinda not really that consentrated in this post.

Ooh caught in a bad romance.
Rah rah ah ah ah
Roma roma ma
Gaga Ooh la la
Want your bad romance
I want ugly, I want your desease, I want you everything as long as its free
I want your love
Love, love, love!

I know that there might be some of you that don't like Lady Gaga, but I have just gotta say that I think she pwns! Yesterday (Friday) I finally got to see the Telephone music video, because I was not able to watch it at like eleven at night on "E! Entertainment"
But still it was very strange. She said she felt bad for the Bad Romance video because this one was going to be so much better. It kinda was.

I want your love and I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance!!
I want your love and all your lover's revenge
You and me could write a bad romance!!
Oh oh oh oooh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Caught in a bad romance!

Again, Lady Gaga is the best.


Monday, March 8, 2010

I can't believe I am saying this,

but this right here is my Hannah Montana moment.

So if it isn't obvious yet, you must have noticed that I no longer put in that much thought or effort into this blog. I've moved on to things that interest me on, not that any of you care.

BoucingWolf was a name that I chose because of the theme of my original blog, which was randomness. Now I am more devoted to my other blog which none of you really care about either.

So it came to my mind that I should choose a name that best fits my new blog devotion, since both you, my faithful followers, and I have lost interest in this blog.

My new name is Mr. Ticket Clerk, or I should say, my other self. It is kinda the Hannah Montana to my Miley Cyrus. But in reality, here at BTDT, I will continue to be BouncingWolf.

So show support, or do not. Go ahead and unfollow if you choose, or stay in touch for some of my not-so-frequent-posts; it is your choice. I have lost the interest I once had in this blog, but I will still post; for now. If it appears that my faithful followers do show the devotion and sympathy for this blog that they once had, then, I might choose not to shut it down. And maybe, I could put the effort and interest in it I once had.It is all up to you, for you, my faithful followers, are what this blog is about.

You asked for it. As they say in some country whose name escapes me,
"You want to milk the cow, but you won't feed it."


Friday, March 5, 2010

Ke$ha is like the best!

Hahahaha ain't that funny?
Well its a personal joke, so I don't know why you are laughing...

One day you'll hear me singing on the radio!!!
A song that I wrote on the lies you told!
And when you hear me singing whoaaaaa!
Consider this the bitterest goodbye.
Kiss mine.

Sorry for the randomness.

So last time I went to the movies, to see Valentines Day, there was the strangest poster of Alice in Wonderland:
Well if you look at it from affar it looks very scary. I mean it is all too happy and colourful and overwhelming... If I didn't see the title or know its cast or crew, I would have nightmares on that poster...

You see that wormy thing right here?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Thats the hooka caterpilar thing. It actually looks creepy on this one picture.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That was very punny.

No seriously, that was very punny.
I'm laughing, can't you see?

I absolutely hate how sarcasm does not transfer well over text.

So I have been trying to find puns that are actually funny, and since I will laugh at anything, I test my puns on people to see if they are actually funny. These are the REAL funny ones, origninals by me:

So my friend has a ginea pig named Apollo. It is very light.

So a patient texts a dentist "Can you clean my teeth?" and the dentist responds "But IDK you."

These are some that are not MY puns, so they are not nearly as funny as mine:

Q: What did the seed say when it grew?
A: Geometry

Q: Why did the Energizer Bunny get arrested?
A: Because it was charged with battery.

Q: How many ears does Captain Kirk have?
A: Three. A left ear, a right ear, and a final frontyear.

If you laughed, you are very wise. If not, then you have no sence of humor.

Again, I hate how sarcasm doesn't transfer well over text.