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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Politics, Holidays, and Christine O'Donnell, who is NOT a witch.

This week, our World Geography class had us vote for every election currently happening in the state of Florida. I was expecting seeing a pole with Governor, Senator, and all that basic stuff, but the categories were never ending. I don't see the point in the Schools System having students do this, for practically all of us (well me, anyway) saw little scribles instead of the thousands of unfamiliar names the polls asked us about. There was only one name I recognized, and that was Charlie Christ. So I think you can guess for whom I voted for Senator.

I really hope you don't think I am some sort of illiterate and arrogant college student living in a messy college dorm who has no knowledge about politics, because I have not yet reached the age in which I can vote. I "voted" for a Schools poll. It was very unreasonable. And it reminded me of a discussion we had in World History the other day on whether or not kids should be able to vote. Half of the people were in favor of this, and the more I think about it, the more utterly ridicuolous, preposterous, and laughable this thought becomes. Most of the defence statements made had to do with "we will be affected too" and "we are better educated than some adults out there."




Humor me.

And this isn't me being full of myself by comparing myself to my mostly naive peers, for I won't even pretend I know half of the terms I hear on CNN, and confess I find politics to be one of the most boring things I can put my mind on. My complete stupidity towards politics was made clear to me when I began to search amongst the list of candidates for the numerous polls for the name "Christine O'Donnell." Later, I found out Christine O'Donnell was running for Delaware Senator. Delware is very far away from Florida.

The reason I was so interested in voting for Christine O'Donnell was because I saw a very peculiar add on the interenet endorsing her (once again my ignorance towards politics is displayed by my method for choosing whom to vote for.) In the add, the first thing she says is "I'm not a witch." And, of course, the first think that pops into my mind was...

They've been asking you what you'll be for Halloween too?

And then...

Shoot Halloween is this weekend!

Halloween has never been, is not, and never will be one of my favored holidays. Why?

1) I have to make a decision on what dress up as, and after the first decade or so, my creativity begins to drain.
2) I have to buy/make a costume. Ugh.
3) Candy is not something I am as attached to as most people are.
4) The idea of me having to prepare so drastically for an evening that consists of me walking all over the neighboorhood asking people for their treats, and offering an alterate option of tricks, makes me tired to even think about in itself
5) Just.... ughhh.

And while when the faithful evening does come I do always come along to having a very good time, I still don't consider it something to necessarily look forward to. I look forward to Fridays. I look forward to movies. I look forward to vacations. I look forward to finishing a project/assignment for the sole purpose of not having to waste time and life on it any longer. I do not ever quite look forward to Halloween.  Its more like one of those things you force yourself to do because you know you will end up enjoying it.

So when Christine O'Donnell says "I'm not a witch," I know that it is not because of the fact that her opponents often attack her with the fact that she used to dwell in witchcraft as a young adult, but because she too is tired of people asking her what she will be for Halloween, for she (like me) does not find much interest in the holiday.

However, I am afraid I am not completely sure on how to enterpret the part where she says "I'm you." She repeats this several times, so I think this must be the prominent message of the add, and the only coherent and relevant enterpretations of this I have are either:
a) She has identity crissis.
b) She is giving us permission to be her.

I am going to say that she meant option B, because it is more far more interesting and drastically less disturbing than option A, so since I now am Christine O'Donnell, I can legally say this:

I'm Chirstine O'Donnell, and I approve this message.
And I'm not a witch.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Un-Eternal Sunshine of the Subconscious Mind

Never in my life have I found it easy to sleep. Its just my head is always filled with so many thoughts that falling into semi-consiousness is extremely difficult to achieve. However, I have arrived at the time in my life when it is especially difficult to fall asleep because not only do I have many thoughts about life and what not, but also of my, repeat, especially hectic schedule. With school, homework, and other irritations of life, it has never been more challenging to easily go to bed successfully. I think it doesn't help that I take a shower before I go to sleep, because it is very, very relaxing, and I guess I hope at the end of everyday that a shower is what it takes to get my mind off projects, homework, and --stop me before I begin listing. But while my strategy does work, it always seems to backfire.

It is true: taking a shower does wash away the worried thoughts of the day. But then, once you are stress free, you begin to think about the things that actually interest you, and this is the start of a process that is arguably just as bad as not being able to get stressful thoughts off your mind. With stresful thoughts, you don't want to think about them, but you kinda have to, for beside that being sorta how the human mind works, you always have that obligatory, crucial, yet occasionaly annoying feeling that you have to think about these things in order for your entire world not to explode due to a missed homework assignment or a failed project. With having thoughts about things you like, all the symptoms above apply, added to the fact that this time you want to things that interest you, which is a far more severe and powerful stimilus that conducts this bombardation of thoughts that will later on in the day make it seem impossible to fall asleep.

The shower is relaxing, but its peaceful pal does not last enough in my case, for after I take a shower, it is at least an hour and a half before I go to sleep, so it is inevitable that the Shower Effect will wear off. This is the point were the stressful thoughts begin to return, added to the thoughts off the things that actually interest me, to create a behemoth mass of thoughts comparable to the Atomic Bomb. And my ability to go to sleep is Hiroshima. Needless to say, it never goes very well for my ability to sleep.

And then I go to sleep. Horray! And the rainbows shine, the confetti falls, the angelic music is played, the crowd cheers,  andThe Hurt Locker wins best picture, oh joy oh joy, the credits roll in... And then I wake up.  I look at the clock. Only about five minutes have passed.

Yip dee doo...